Criminal Flyff


In this page you can download Criminal Flyff for free. If by any means you come accross an error or technical difficulties, do not hesistate to contact our staff either by creating a support ticket or joining our forums.



Full Installer


The full installer contains all the files necessary to start playing  Criminal Flyff (3.4GB). You will need at least 15GB of free memory to download and install this file successfully. (Recommended)

Last Updated: 02/01, 2022

Download From Mega

Download From Mediafire

Download From Gofile

Download From GoogleDrive

  1. Please click the image on the left side to download
  2. Double click the installer when the download is finish
  3. Double click the patcher "Criminal Flyff Patcher.exe" and wait for it to finish patching.

Fixes & Modifications

If your  Criminal Flyff client is giving you trouble, you can try this fix.
Here's the solution if you're client keeps on crashing or if you get a white screen.
Open your patcher and set everything to low and far then choose 800x600 then click apply. You should be able to login now. You may change the resolution after fixing the issue.



Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4
War Schedule
Guild Siege Monday - Friday 08:00PM
Monster Siege Sunday 06:00PM
Maze Runner Saturday 6:00PM & 9:00PM