Criminal Flyff

Key Features

PvP Happy Hours

Enter a PvP arena with an average of 50~100 players competing against each other for a chance to earn exclusive items and to rank up their Elite Weapons. This event runs once a week and offers a great opportunity to enjoy top of the line PvP activity.

Flexible Guild Siege Schedule

You can join the Siege every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and get an entry ticket to Join the Montly Siege Tournament.

Game Logs

We have game logs against cheaters, skill spammers, botters and 3rd party programs. Expect a fair gameplay when it comes to farming and fighting against other players.

Minigames on NPC

You can play minigames ingame and get a chance to win exclusive items. It Includes Dice event, Rock Paper Scissors , Find the word and more!

Collectible Headgears

We have thousands of collectible headgears including over 500 custom ones that you might have never seen before. All of these can be acquired via different means on our server, such as quests, pvp, battlegrounds and more!

Casino & Gambling Games

We have a casino with slot machines, roulette, headgear gambler, press your luck and more! The casino offers yet another way to earn zeny and valuable items!

No Pay-to-Win

You can obtain all the items you need to compete without spending a cent! Earn end-game like items by joining PvP, Battlegrounds, completing quests or winning events. Penya is a valuable currency in our server and can be used to purchase most items.


A system that assisgns PvE in which you are encouraged to reach a desired amount of kills within a certain amount of time. Killing Monsters in Colloseum is a must to obtain Perins, weapons and headgears!

Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4
War Schedule
Guild Siege Monday - Friday 08:00PM
Monster Siege Sunday 06:00PM
Maze Runner Saturday 6:00PM & 9:00PM