Criminal Flyff

Server Information

Criminal Online is a unique Flyff online private server. Founded on August of 2022, by a group of passionate developers with a keen eye for balance and originality. With the help of our amazing community, we have been able to develop dozens of awesome ideas and balance our gameplay to provide a unique experience.

What do we mean by "unique experience"?

For starters, at Criminal Flyff you can reach max level using your dedication to play with other players and with your friends...The fun begins after you are max level, where you will start your quest to become the warrior of Criminal Flyff. Start your quests now, each one unlocking a new set of equipment, stats, skills and access to new features and dungeons. But we don't want to spill all the why don't you hop on and start your quest to become a Hero today!


Rates: 9999 EXP 9999x Penya 9999x Drop
Max Level: 170
Combat: Melee/Ranged/Magic
PK: Enabled
Guild Siege:: 10:00am and 10:00pm - Everyday
FFA: Disabled
Secret Room: Sunday
Couple System:: Enabled (Custom Buffs)
Events: Daily with available Admin or GM Staffs
Currency:: Perin/Donate COin/Red Perin/Guild Siege Perin
Custom Gears: Yes



Exclusive Features

Mount System AI System Guild Buffs
Balanced Skills Fishing Battlegrounds
Anti-Hack System Wheel of Fortune Custom System
Automated Events Minigames Npc Starter Items
Custom Pet Skills Modified cards effects Donation Npc
MvP Hunter Maze Runner Web Events
Custom Skill Effects Modified User Interface Glow System


Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4
War Schedule
Guild Siege Monday - Friday 08:00PM
Monster Siege Sunday 06:00PM
Maze Runner Saturday 6:00PM & 9:00PM