Criminal Flyff

In-game Rules

Warning: Rules may be stacked depending on the severity of your actions, meaning the punishment will also increase varying on the amount of rules you broke.

1. Hacking, duping, scamming, botting, using macros, and/or tampering with Criminal Flyff Online in any way, shape, or form (including 0 delay) is illegal.
All Offenses: Permanent Ban

2. Abuse of gameplay/NPC bugs is illegal. If you find a bug, it is in yours as well as the servers' best interests to report it. If you fail to do so and we find out that you have been abusing it, we may invoke 2nd or 3rd offense charges depending on the severity of your actions.
1st Offense: A week ban 2nd Offense: A month ban 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

2b. Intentional abuse of any and all bugs/glitches to cheat and/or gain an unfair advantage is illegal, without exception, in any and all cases.
All Offenses: Permanent Ban.

3. Buying, selling, and/or trading of items/Penya and other currency in Criminal Flyff Online for real money, be it in the form of electronic-currency, game or phone credits, or for items/currency in another server via any means of communication, be it in-game, forums, or social media (ie: Facebook, Twitter, etc.), is illegal. (Codename: RMT, Real Money Trading)
All Offenses: Permanent Ban (and/or related accounts)

3a. Buying, selling, and/or trading of Criminal Flyff Online account(s) for any and all forms of currency (inclusive of in-game Penya) is illegal. This includes "ranking services".
All Offenses: Permanent Ban of all accounts involved

4. The use of any character, party, guild names or titles intended to mislead/impersonate others is illegal. This includes but is not limited to "GM", "Game Master", "Security", "Admin", or "Administrator". In addition, the official use of the Criminal Flyff name is illegal without explicit permission from the server administrator.
All Offenses: Permanent Ban

5. Advertisement of other servers/webpages apart from those endorsed by Criminal Flyff by any means within our Server and its forums is illegal.
All Offenses: Permanent Ban

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War Schedule
Guild Siege Monday - Friday 08:00PM
Monster Siege Sunday 06:00PM
Maze Runner Saturday 6:00PM & 9:00PM