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Welcome to Criminal FlyFF!
We will now commence our first Beta Test.

Criminal FlyFF
Key Features

Fully Custom User Interface
- Custom Windows
* Stats on Inventory
* Cool looking buttons on Minimap
- Custom Taskbar
- Customized Buttons
Animated Login Screen
Expanded Character View on Character Selection
Expanded Inventory Slot with a better view up to 120 slots
Fishing System
- You need a fishing rod to start fishing.
- Your Rod can be upgraded up to +20 (A Rod stone is needed to upgrade the Rod)
- Rod stone can be collected from fishing Ponds
AI system (Serves as a BOT)
AFK System
Land Mount System
- Land Mount system are special because you can use it to avoid aggressive monsters special in dungeons.
Achievement System
- Achievements can be obtained by killing monster bosses ingame
- Achievements will vary on monster kill counts
- Achievement titles have stunning appearances.
WOF (Wheel of Fortune) with 50 cool items inside.
- You need a Lucky Dice to spin the wheel
- You can obtain lucky dice by fishing
Show/Hide Fashion system
- Tick/untick to show and hide fashions
Aura Change System
- YOu need an aura scroll to use this feature
Extended Guild Buffs
- You need 1 perin per guild buff (Click Guild buff button on taskbar menu for more info)
Instant Teleporter
- This teleporter needs a teleport scroll to function.
Maze Runner System
- This feature is currently being revamped.
Mode Change System
- Through this feature you'll be able to change the looks of your weapons, shields, mask and cloaks.
Treasure Hunt System
- Hunt some treasure boxes all over Madrigal world and kill the fairies to receive a box from them
Pet Filter
- Looting Filter for Pick up pets
Community / Online Bonus
- This is a feature where players hold the community bonuses. They need to be active to activate the community bonus
* (Bonus has a certain requirement to take effect)
Community Bonus / Lord Bonus
* Only lord will receive this item.

Other Info about Criminal FlyFF.

Forsaken Tower is currently disabled.
The following dungeons are currently disabled.
- Aminus Dungeons
- Tramnuk Dungeons
- Sanpress Dungeons
- Upresia Dungeons
- Herneos Dungeons
- Crystal Dungeons
- Kalgas Cave
(These dungeons will be available in the future)
All Quests are currently disabled and will be be avaialble in the future.
Explore the entire Madrigal and feel the Nostalgia.

Weapons and Equipment info:
The current highest level of Armors are 105 Sets.
(Green Sets )
Legendary weapons are currently the strongest weapons.

Chief Keokuk Drops- Angel Weapons
* Check other bossess too
Kheldor Drops- Level 105 Set Parts
Razgul Drops- Level 90 Set Parts
Basilisk of the great Maw Drops- Level 45, 60, 75 Set Parts
Carrier Bomb Giant- All Guardian Weapon
Clockworks Drops- Old version accessories
Redmeteonyker Drops- Legendary Weapons

(All other weapons and equipment will be available in the future)

More Info:
We have disabled a lot of systems and features to balance the game.
There are tons of systems that we are planning to add in the future.
You can obtained all the necessary items to get strong ingame specially the end gears which makes the server balance.
The server is literally NO PAY TO WIN.

We hope to see you ingame and we'd like to hear your suggestions and reports about bugs and exploits.
Thank you very much for sharing your precious time to play with us.

Have a nice day.

Happy Flyffing!